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AcademicEvents empowers you to effortlessly organize your next webinar, workshop, or conference. Our platform provides the necessary tools and resources to streamline the entire organizing process, from initial planning to successful execution.

Whether you are a new organizer or a seasoned pro, we can provide useful resources to assist you in planning your next academic event:

Decide the type of event

Set up an event website

Assemble papers

Proceedings publication after the conference

How to Start an Event

Before starting your event with AcademicEvents, it is important to identify some important factors, such as your scope and your audience.

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    Define Your Scope

    The conference committee defines the scope of the conference. The scope may be an existing field of interest, a subset of that field, closely related fields of interest, or a new technology.

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    Determine Your Target Audience

    You can invite certain audience segments you would like to include such as geographic areas, students, young professionals, etc.

Choose the Type of Event

Selecting different event types is crucial as it caters to diverse academic and research needs while fostering scholarly communication and collaboration. Whether it's a webinar, workshop, or conference, AcademicEvents offers comprehensive support throughout the organizing process.

Three Types of Event

How to Decide the Type of Event?

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding what type of event to host.

What are the goals of your event?

What does your program look like? (complexity, high collaboration, etc.)

Are there current travel restrictions in place?

Who are your target audiences?

Is your audience global or local?

How flexible is your budget?

How much time do you have to plan?





Travel restrictions in place
Mostly global audience
Mostly local audience
High collaboration goals
Flexible budget
Attract new audiences
Short planning time
Submit an Event Proposal

If you have interest in organizing an event, you have two options for submitting your proposal:

Option 1: Quick Submission

You can simply fill out the form below to submit a proposal.

First Name:*

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Conference Title:

Conference Website:


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Option 2: Email Submission

You can also download the proposal form below and submit via email to

What Can We Do to Support Your Event

AcademicEvents offers a range of online tools that facilitate event organization. From setting up and maintaining the event website to publishing event records, and managing the event schedule, our platform provides comprehensive support for all your event-related needs.

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    Publication of Conference Content

    SciencePG facilitates the acquisition of conference proceedings and post-conference distribution of content.

    Our publishing solutions include Abstract Book, Special Issue, Conference Proceedings, Journal, Book.

    • Abstract Book

      The conference book of abstracts will be published as a book with an assigned ISBN. This book will contain abstracts of all accepted papers, poster presentations, oral communication, workshop, etc.

      Conference Book of Abstracts


      Free of Charge

      View Detail
    • Special Issue

      To be included in the special issue, articles must undergo a rigorous peer review process and be selected based on their scientific quality. Final inclusion in the special issue will be determined by the article's scientific merit.

      Full-length Conference Articles

      Rigorously Reviewed Article

      ISSN & DOI

      View Detail
    • Conference Proceedings

      Get published as an edited volume with ISBN & DOI in SciencePG Proceedings Series. Furthermore, each full-length article will receive a separate DOI.

      SciencePG Proceedings Series

      Full-length Conference Articles

      ISBN & DOI

      View Detail
    • Journal

      To be published in one of our journals, articles must undergo a rigorous peer review process and be selected based on their alignment with the journal's scope and conference theme. Only articles that meet these criteria will be included.

      Conference Article in Journal / Full-length Conference Article

      Rigorously Reviewed Article

      ISSN & DOI

      View Detail
    • Book

      Published as a conference book with ISBN & DOI. This book will contain full-length conference articles.

      Full-length Conference Article

      ISBN & DOI

      View Detail
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    Create a Conference Website

    Your website will be the digital home for your conference. AcademicEvents offers hosting services for conference websites.

    Conference organizers can use a contractor, agency, or in-house expertise to develop their conference website. Using the AcademicEvents web subsite templates can help you save a significant amount of budget.

    The AcademicEvents web subsite template package can be customized to fit your conferences’ color scheme, sub-branding, and design needs.

AcademicEvents (initiated by Science Publishing Group) helps academic event organizers to run in-person and virtual events with ease. We helps make these activities simple and fast, not only for event organizers, but also for authors, editors, speakers, and reviewers.

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